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Common Questions

I have a strict budget. Can I afford an event consultant?

In most cases, yes.  Smart planning will save you money. In fact, it is not uncommon that the savings you receive when working with a professional event consultant exceed the cost of their services.


How far out should I hire an event consultant?

The earlier you hire a consultant, the sooner you will see the benefits. The best time to hire us is before you make any major decisions or sign any contracts. If you have already entered an agreement with a vendor, it’s OK! We will work with this vendor to ensure that they provide you with the services you have agreed upon and negotiate any additional services you may desire. 


Do you offer day-of services?

We offer an Event Day Management Consulting package. It would be impossible for us to work with you for only one day and be able to ensure a successful event. With our Event Management Consulting package, we begin working with you approximately 60 days prior to the event. We will review all contracts, contact all of your vendors, create timelines and assist with any last minute details that need attention and be at your event to orchestrate all that has been planned.


We have done most of the planning, our wedding is in 6 weeks, and we are beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed.  Is it too late to get help?

Absolutely not! Sometimes the last minute details can be some of the more stressful tasks. Contact us immediately and we will assist you through the rest of the planning process.


Will you be there the day of our event?

Yes. We are the first to arrive and don’t leave until after you do. 


What are your packages and fees?

Each event is different and every client's needs are unique.  Our pricing is determined by the level of services desired to plan and produce your event. Pricing will be discussed during our one-on-one consultation as we personalize a consulting package to meet your needs. 



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